Engineering and Scientific Systems

Established 1988

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Engineering and Scientific Systems Pty Limited (Essys) is a wholly owned and managed Australian company that was formed in 1988 to meet the requirements of government organisations for engineering and scientific based consultancies. Initially, Essys concentrated on assisting Government agencies in the development of a range of computing packages and networks. Our initial projects involved computer modelling, and we developed products such as a bushfire prediction system, a pavement management system, and an aircraft accident investigation system. We also began to provide a variety of services relating to technical data management and analysis. In this capacity Essys have undertaken a range of projects such as the analysis of staff and client satisfaction surveys, and statistical analysis of road safety data.

Essys has now been operating for in excess of twenty years. We have been involved in project management and test, trials and acceptance roles for major Defence procurement projects, as well as several projects relating to the development of asset and configuration management systems. We also continue to assist clients with their technical data analysis and management requirements.

Essys offer services in four main categories: Consulting, System Development, Research and Development, and Technical Data Management services.